Stefan Bachmann @ksl

On 25 November 2019, some of the students at KsL had the great opportunity to join a reading by Stefan Bachmann, a very young Swiss-American author. It not only gave us an idea about what it is like to  become a writer, but it also allowed us as readers to enter the other perspective of a story: that of an author.

Mr Bachmann was inspired by literature for the very first time at the age of six, as his mother read The Lord of the Rings to him. The fact that it is possible to create a world out of nothing but words impressed him so much that he wanted to learn that skill as well. He first started writing stories and other versions of already written books, like The Hobbit, which gave him lots of experience. With that spirit, he continued trying and writing more and more until he eventually managed to have his very first book, The Peculiar, published when he was only nineteen. With that milestone in his life, he officially became an author, while his debut novel became an international bestseller. […]

Hopefully, thanks to examples such as Stefan Bachmann, more and more young people will have the courage to unravel their writing skills and become young authors as well

(Read the full story in the next issue of KsL Magazin.)

Text and drawing by Elisabeth Veit, M6b